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Brightside is a one-part polyurethane that contains Teflon for better resistance to staining and abrasion. Brightside uses a unique polyurethane resin which produces excellent flow and leveling characteristics. It also has the latest in ultraviolet technology to ensure longer color and gloss retention. Brightside may be applied to any properly primed surface.

Good to know

  • An excellent high gloss, hard one part polyurethane finish
  • Its fluro micro additive makes it easy to clean, stain-resistant and gives it added abrasion resistance
  • Comes in a stunning range of crisp, bright colors


Fire Red – Y4248Black – Y4258White – Y4359Flag Blue – Y4990Largo Blue – Y4100Yellow – Y4152Kingston Gray – Y4190Seattle Gray – Y4205Bristol Beige – Y4207Hatters Off White – Y4208Grand Banks Beige – Y4217Hatters Off White (1990) – Sundown Buff – Y4237Sapphire Blue – Y4241Sea Green – Y4247Steel Gray – Y4250Ocean Blue (C.C Blue) – Y4253Blue-Glo White – Y4259Dark Blue – Y4316Light Blue – Y4351Medium Blue – Y4353Matterhorn White – Y4360Off White – Y4381

Size; Quart/Gallon

Method         Coverage           Build             Coats
Brush            550ft²/Gal          1.2 mils        2 (min)
Spray            440ft²/Gal          1.2 mils        2 (min)

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Alternate Numbers:

8921120 – Y4359/QTCA White Quart
8921121 – Y4190/QTCA Kingston Grey Quart
8921122 – Y4250/QTCA Steel Grey Quart
8921123 – Y4258/QTCA Black Quart
8921124 – Y4353/QTCA Medium Blue Quart
8921125 – Y4253/QTCA Ocean Blue Quart
8921126 – Y4316/QTCA Dark Blue Quart
8921127 – Y4247/QTCA Sea Green Quart
8921128 – Y4208/QTCA Hatteras Off White Quart
8921129 – Y4248/QTCA Fire Red Quart
8921130 – Y4241/QTCA Sapphire Blue Quart
8921131 – Y4351/QTCA Light Blue Quart
8921132 – Y4100/QTCA Largo Blue Quart
8921133 – Y4990/QTCA Flag Blue Quart
8921134 – Y4259/QTCA Blue-Glo White Quart
8921135 – Y4381/QTCA Off-White Quart
8921136 – Y4360/QTCA Matterhorn White Quart
8921137 – Y4205/QTCA Seattle Grey Quart
8921139 – Y4237/QTCA Sundown Buff Quart
8921140 – Y4217/QTCA Grand Banks Beige Quart
8921141 – Y4207/QTCA Bristol Beige Quart
8921142 – Y4152/QTCA – Yellow Quart
8921420 – Y4359/1CA – White Gallon
8921434 – Y4259/1CA – Blue-Glo White Gallon


Additional information

INTERLUX Brightside® Polyurethane

Brightside® Polyurethane
Topcoat Finishes

A hard, high-gloss topside finish, Brightside® Polyurethane creates that sprayed-on look when applied by brush in thin coats. It can be used anywhere above the true waterline, it’s easy to clean, resists staining, and has great abrasion resistance.

Technical data excerpt

Suitable for above the waterline:
* Hull
* Deck – non-skid additive
* Exterior cabin/trims
* Interior cabin/trims

* High Gloss

* Wood


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