3142026 – RACOR R26S ELEMENT 225R 2 Micron


3142026 – RACOR R26S ELEMENT 225R 2 Micron

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3142026 – RACOR R26S ELEMENT 225R 2 Micron

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Parker, Racor Filter

R26S Fuel Replacment 225R 2 Micron

Color: Brown

Fits: 225R

Micron: 2

Additional Details:

The lower the micron rating, the finer the filtration. Follow your engine manufacturer’s recommendation for fuel filter micron rating. S = Secondary/Final 2 micron (Brown cap) T = Primary or Secondary/Final 10 micron (Blue cap) P = Primary 30 micron (Red cap)

Parker Racor filtration has worked closely with marine system designers and developers for many years, supplying filtration solutions for every marine application. Parker’s solutions in fuel filtration and separation ensure reliable performance, long-term durability and efficient operation.


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